How to Decorate Your Home in an Eco-Friendly Way

Our homes are the places where we spend most of our time to relax and enjoy conversations with our friends and family. Of course, it’s important to create a cozy atmosphere at home, but how to do so without breaking the rules of eco-friendly lifestyle? Here are some tips!

Pay attention to the materials

This point is the most important. You need to choose sustainable materials, among which are:

  • wood;
  • bamboo and straw;
  • glass and ceramics;
  • steel;
  • cotton and other natural fabrics.

All the materials mentioned are fully natural, though their production and processing require different amount of energy used, so some of them not as energy sufficient as others. Nevertheless, we highly recommend using these materials when it comes to the home decoration.


It’s also important to choose such items that are durable and unlikely to break or wear off too soon. Otherwise, it will lead to overconsumption, which then leads to overproduction and a bigger amount of the materials to be used.

Some ideas

If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas for home decor.

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