Pros and Cons of Biodegradable Bags

You might be very environmentally aware and do everything according to the sustainable living principles, but there’s always the question of what bags to use for trash. Modern solution is biodegradable bags, but do you know enough about them to start using? Here are pros and cons of biodegradable bags.

About biodegradability

Note that biodegradable doesn’t necessarily mean all-natural, it might still use some human-created products. However, biodegradable materials break down faster, so in the end, it doesn’t live such negative impact as regular plastic.

Pros of biodegradable trash bags

Usually, biodegradable bags are made from plastic with natural additives, which make the plastic break down much faster. Depending on the conditions and microorganisms living in landfills, it’s possible to determine how much time it will take for such bags to break down. Moreover, unlike compostable bags, they’re very strong and convenient in usage: they don’t rip nor leak.

Cons of biodegradable bags

Of course, nothing can be perfect, and such bags also have their own drawbacks. The main drawback is – of course – that there’s still plastic used in creation of these trash bags, while compostable bags are made of fully natural materials (plants). Also, some of the models don’t have convenient means to tie the bags.

As for our verdict, we find biodegradable trash bags definitely worth buying, especially if you’re only switching from regular plastic bags. If you’re convinced in advantages of biodegradable bags, we recommend these two options:

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