What are the Most Sustainable Materials for Drinkware?

Sustainable living is a new trend, and we’re happy to welcome any newcomers! If you’re new to this lifestyle, you might be unaware of which materials are worthy of your attention and which aren’t. In this article we will tell you of the most sustainable materials for drinkware, and more precisely for everyday drinkware.

Glass drinkware

Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material, which means that it doesn’t leave negative trace in production nor in consumption. Using glass instead of non-sustainable materials contributes to mitigating climate change, as well as saving natural resources. Moreover, when it comes to glass drinkware, it looks elegant and simple, which is in fashion nowadays.

Also, glass preserves taste and vitamins, thus making the beverages even tastier. We’re sure that drinking from mugs like this will not only open the full flavor of your tea or coffee but add to aesthetics too, as they’re made in a nice heart shape.

Ceramic drinkware

Ceramic is another one of the most natural materials. It is fully recyclable renewed material, but some may be concerned about the production. It does indeed require a lot of energy to fire the kilns to harden the clay, but it’s actually less than in the glass production, and the heat is then usually used to provide heating in the area.

Ceramic drinkware gives more choice in designs and shapes, so you can choose anything that catches your eye. We recommend these mugs – their design is immaculate, and the color scheme is fantastic.

Stainless steel drinkware

Stainless steel is also recyclable and sustainable material, but what makes it especially valuable for eco-conscious lifestyle is its durability. Since stainless steel drinkware could serve for years or even decades, you’ll save materials used for production. Try using this self-stirring mug and see how long it will serve you!

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